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Giffted 14-year-old covers Cher during 'BGT' audition, makes judge openly weep

It takes a special kind of talent to make "Britain's Got Talent" judges openly weep, and 14-year-old Jasmine Elcock has totally got what it takes. In fact, her unique rendition of Cher's "Believe" is so moving that judge Alesha Dixon has a hard time pulling herself together, admitting that she's "never been this much of a mess on the show."
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Elcock's audition is deemed worthy of the coveted Golden Buzzer. The best part? It's the show's hosts, Ant and Dec, that come running to slam it. BT.com recaps that Ant tearfully recalled, "That was brilliant. I was in tears back there. Fantastic."
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You know when a singer's so good, the judges turn their chairs immediately? Yeah, this lady qualifies.
February 20   ·  
This song may be from years ago, but there's nothing old about the way he sings it.
February 19   ·  
There's a reason why this video's been viewed 10 million times.
February 18   ·