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Soldier performs mind-blowing magic tricks that leave 'BGT' sincerely blown away

Magic, paper art, mind-reading and showmanship, Richard Jones does it all. The 25-year-old British soldier amazed and astounded the judges with his audition on "Britain's Got Talent," earning himself a pass to the next round of the competition with a "Yes" vote from all four judges.
Jones, whose website calls him the "James Bond of magic," approached the judges' table and asked Amanda Holden to participate in his first trick. He gave her a flip-book of celebrities and asked her choose one, then throw the book away. After she complied, he asked her to "send her thoughts directly into [his] mind" by touching his forehead. When her fingertip touched him, there was an audible crack of static electricity, and Holden jumped back in shock. She was still recovering while Jones whittled away at a folded piece of paper with a small pair of scissors, then unfolded it to show a cut-out portrait of the very celebrity Holden had chosen.
There's nothing more British than tea, and the show is called "Britain's Got Talent," so for his impressive finale, Jones made a cup of steaming tea -- from a sealed can of orange soda. The discerning British judges seemed as impressed with the quality of the tea as with its origin. "That's a proper cup of tea!" Alesha Dixon exclaimed after giving it a sniff. 
"A delicious cup of tea," declared David Walliams after tasting it.
As Jones returned to the stage, Simon Cowell turned to his co-judges and asked, "How the hell did he do that?" Cowell seemed truly impressed, with Huffington Post UK quoting him as saying, "You can do stuff with your mind, which makes you special, and I do believe in all that stuff. I do believe in magic, I do."
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