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Matt Steffanina and fiancée Dana Alexa perform to Fifth Harmony's 'Work From Home'

On his own, Matt Steffanina is quite the institution as far as hip hop dance professionals go. His sharp moves and prolific video posting habits make him one of the most popular names in North America. But when he teams up with his fiancée, Dana Alexa, their performances have enough combined power to set your screen on fire. Their most recent dance, to Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home," is a formidable piece, and has gotten nearly 2 million views in less than two weeks.
Steffanina and Alexa met while he was touring the United States with house music artist Eva, according to the Hook. The two of them frequently teach and record dance choreographies together, like the one below, conceived by Steffanina himself. With millions of views on nearly every one of his YouTube channel uploads, Steffanina has absolutely established a name for himself in the Los Angeles dancing industry. He and his fiancée are currently getting even more national attention with their stint on the ongoing twenty-eighth season of the Amazing Race, according to the International Business Times.
The video below was filmed both at the Broadway Dance Center in New York and the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, and features numerous talented young dancers. Make sure to watch all the way to the end to catch stellar performances from the likes of Kaycee Rice (leading the second group) and Sean Lew (who leads the performance starting at the 5:50 mark).
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