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Brian Friedman puts together incredibly fast-paced choreography to 'Rhythm of Love'

There are good choreographers. There are very good choreographers. And then there are choreographers who completely leave you in the dust, on the floor, questioning how such extraordinary talent could even exist. Brian Friedman is one of those. His April, 2015, video features a choreography to pop band Danity Kane's "Rhythm of Love" that is near-blinding in its speed and perfection.
Friedman has many accomplishments under his belt, including choreography work for some of Britney Spears' most famous music videos and several award nominations, according to Broadway Dance Center. He is perhaps most famous for his work as choreographer and creative director for the popular reality show, The X Factor. But it's clearly in front of the camera that his talents truly shine the brightest.
The Millennium Dance Complex isn't just home to some of the most masterful choreographers on the planet, it also welcomes a slew of up-and-coming young talents, among which Jade Chynoweth and Richard Curtis rank quite prominently. You can see the two of them in action in the video below, leading the second and third groups, respectively. Props are also in order for the fantastic camera work by frequent Millennium Dance Complex collaborator Tim Milgram.
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