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Keone and Mariel Madrid: Dancers in love

A true musical love story: Keone Madrid, from San Diego, California, and Mariel Madrid, from Boulder, Colorado, met through their mutual love of dance, started working together while they were dating, and haven't stopped since, even after getting married. The two lovebirds are some of the hip hop dance world's most famous acts – for obvious reasons. The video below shows just how well they work together, pulling off a perfectly synchronized routine to C2C's "Happy" while showing off plenty of their distinct, yet complementary, personalities in the process.
"Many partner pieces in the urban dance realm were very traditional," Keone told Dance Magazine. The dancers would just do opposite choreography facing each other. We wanted to try and do something different with the technicalities and intricacies in our choreography." Even in simple, fun routines likes the one below, Keone and Mariel – or Mari as she calls herself – like to tell stories with their dancing, like the way they pretend to be an old jittery couple in the first few seconds before bursting into action.
Keone and Mari Madrid frequently take part in the annual Urban Dance Camp, in Germany, and have participated in numerous projects, the most recent of which is the popular music video for Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself," according to ELLE Magazine, in which they play a feuding couple on the verge of separation. In real life, though, they're as thick as thieves – fans of the couple have nothing to worry about.
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