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Daniel Jerome leads group dance to 'Fine China' by Chris Brown

You know what boy bands these days are sorely lacking? Dancing abilities! Whatever happened to the flawlessly executed choreographies that used to accompany so many music videos? These days most popular bands are content to stand around the stage singing. But Daniel Jerome and his posse have got what it takes to send crowds of fangirls into hysterics. All that's left is the singing – but in the meantime, Chris Brown has that part covered.
Aided by some of the talented dancers at SoReal Dance Studio, in Houston, Texas, Daniel Jerome put together this smooth dance routine to the popular "Fine China," and needless to say he and his dancers would fit in perfectly behind the real thing on the concert stage. 
Like most dancers with his level of talent, Jerome, who hails from Spanaway, Washington, travels all over the world to participate in tours and teach to other aspiring dancers. While he is currently teaching a class in Boston, he will be heading to New York next weekend, according to his prolific Instagram account. Ah, the life of a dancer!
Watch the slick, smooth dance session below and SHARE it with all your friends! Such talent should not go unnoticed.
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