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Janitor puts on a show singing Sam Cooke during concert with school orchestra

Ordinary people have the most extraordinary talents. This could not be more true of Roy Smith, whose voice is anything but ordinary. A janitor at Burke High School in Omaha Nebraska, Smith impressed the whole school and captivated an entire town, when he sang Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come." His voice has since traveled much further.
In fact, it seemed the whole world opened their ears to Smith's talent last week, when he performed during the school's orchestra performance, according to ABC News. Since his performance, Smith has even been invited to sing at the Democratic Nebraska Caucus, according to MTV
Born in New Orleans, where he began impersonating James Brown at age 13, Smith became an Internet sensation after a student posted a short clip of Smith's soulful voice on Twitter. The clip was quickly re-posted to Reddit, and soon went viral. 
Alex Gaeth, the student who first posted the video to Twitter, is not yet satisfied with the wide-spread Internet response to Smith's chops. He, along with the entire student body, started a Twitter hashtag campaign, #RoytoEllen, to encourage beloved daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to invite Smith onto her show. 
"He has an amazing voice and does a lot for our school and us students here," Gaeth wrote on EllenTube
Jason Williams, the Student Services and Activities Director at Burke High School, told Inside Edition that Smith is often seen comforting students with special needs. 
As reported by ABC News, students at Burke High School know Smith as the friendly face ready to brighten the school day with a whistle and a verse, rather than as the janitor. 
"Whistle while you work, that's my motto," Smith told ABC News. "I'm like that every day. It brings joy to the students. The ones that are down and out, I give them something to cheer them up." 
Smith is no stranger to the prospect of fame. According to Perez Hilton, Smith was offered a record deal when he was 21 years old. Recently married and wary of the risk, he chose to turn it down. Yet, Smith has never stopped singing and is overjoyed knowing he makes an impact in the everyday lives of Burke High School students. 
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